Spray atomizer.
Wireless reader.

While broadly focused on the Micro-Agriculture
industry, recent develop- ments in the U.S.
Marijuana industry have led to a more acute
focus on the potential our portfolio of intellectua
properties have in the space.

Test Kit includes liquid spray,
dropper, testing device

(testing device must have some sort of electronic barcoddisplayer or be able to sync with mobile phone)

With FelixID, parent company STI capitalizes on incredible potential as the first actor in the agri-tech space. The FelixID test kit is an integrated quad of tools that meet the needs of consumers, producers, and regulators in the agricultural industry at large as well as the booming cannabis economy.

The process includes an application and scanning phase to apply our water-soluble liquid to any plant and read the rich results. With four simple tools, FelixID accomplishes what no other product does for every entity in the agri-commerce chain.