Felix ID

FelixID Benefits Consumers

Through FelixID technology, consumers can exercise a high level of choice when it comes to their cannabis consumption. They will not only have access to the exact product they want, but each grower who participates can ensure a safe and regulated product

  • Avoid exposure to mold and fungus commonly found on cannabis plants;Ensure you’re getting a pure product without psychoactive additives; and Protect yourself from the presence of toxic pesticide residue.

Marijuana Regulation and FelixID

In many ways, the legalization of marijuana creates unique challenges for law enforcement. A substance that was once regulated across the United States, for instance, is now legal in several states. Therefore, illegally trafficked marijuana must be tracked and traced back to its source without negatively affecting the legitimate growers in other areas of the country. The same potential exists in Europe, where the EU creates an association of closely bordered countries with varying laws regarding controlled substances.

The established RFID tagging system is bulky and cumbersome at best. FelixID is a better way.

Felix ID assists regulatory agencies by

  • Exposing the source of seized cannabis;Promoting adherence to established regulations in any given location; and Providing a mechanism to easily and effectively perform on-site checks

The rules are different from state to state… all of which brings complications for companies trying to navigate their way in the market and for regulators trying to enact controls.

– Wall Street Journal

Growers: Build and Protect Your Brand

Growing cannabis takes the same level of skill as commercially growing any plant for consumption. Successful growers deliver a superior product as a result of years of research and development. They develop both technical skill and an innate understanding of the complexities of growing cannabis to achieve effects ranging from recreational intoxication to CBD heavy strains that treat medical conditions from mood disorders to chronic pain.

Thanks to decriminalization in many parts of the US, growers are finally in a position to consider their branding. As the cannabis industry takes its legitimate place in the consumer market, growers seek to adopt best practices to establish and strengthen their brand and reputation. With FelixID, your customers will always know who created their favorite strain so they can choose to purchase from you again.

With more cannabis dispensaries in CO than Starbucks, assuming full legalization, we estimate there could be as many as ~17,000 legal cannabis retailers in the U.S., upon full legalization

– Cowen Group

The FelixID system benefits growers by:

• Establishing brand reputation and loyalty;
• Protecting against imitation and brand counterfeiting;
• Delivering deeper knowledge about every strain so consumers can make informed
• Positioning you to enhance a medical marijuana patient’s care;
• Guaranteeing a pure, safe product to consumers that is free of false accusations
of illicit trafficking;
• Protecting your intellectual property and years of experience; and
• Leveraging your authority in other parts of the industry for multiple income