FelixID is a two phase ID system that uses four simple tools to revolutionize the agri-tech industry. First, apply our proprietary water soluble liquid to any plant. The special liquid encodes a completely harmless, non-toxic DNA to the plant for tracking purposes. Once this unique water tattoo is applied, use the wireless sensor to obtain the plant’s ID and read all of the plant’s information through our mobile app. This cutting-edge toolkit protects the chain of command from inception to delivery to enhance public safety and brand identity.

The  Technology

The Networked FelixID System

The FelixID toolkit is essentially a networked system. It functions similarly to RFID tags, but utilizes nanotechnology to eliminate cumbersome hardware by augmenting the water with a DNA marker at the molecular level. We like to describe it as a water tattoo.

Augmented Tech-Fluid

Our proprietary, water soluble technology is is 100% safe, non-toxic, and the cornerstone of our entire system. The solution doesn’t alter the plant in any way.

It simply encodes it with a DNA marker or water tattoo that acts as a key for the sensor to read in order to access and display information about any given plant. The marker becomes a part of the plant itself and therefore eliminates the need for external tags, barcodes, or bulky transmitters.

Spray Atomizer

Because the FelixID marker is part of the water that carries it, it can be easily applied with a spray atomizer. We provide one in each test kit that is specially formulated to deliver this revolutionary water tattoo precisely and uniformly.

The atomizer’s laser and LCD screen ensure even application and give incredible control to the user. Additionally, we offer two different size sprayers to meet the needs of small growers and industrial producers alike.

Wireless Sensor

The wireless sensor works as a receiver to read the enhanced molecules of water treated with the FelixID liquid. The augmented water and tester communicate wirelessly to create a networked handshake that delivers a unique identity for the plant. This is the information the wireless app needs in order to provide a full analysis in seconds. It’s similar to a barcode reader in functionality but much more sophisticated.


The sensor registers the water tattoo and communicates an identity to the mobile app which pulls up the associated information from its database.

This product suite enables anyone with a sensor to:

• Ensure your product is pure
• Track where the plant has been
• Obtain information on the grower for repeat business;
• Gain access to information about the plant’s genetic profile to isolate particular desirable compounds such as THC or CBD heavy cannabis strains.

Dynamic Mobile App

The FelixID mobile app is a user friendly and user focused way to access the FelixID database of information on all participating plants and growers. It effortlessly matches the plant’s FelixID DNA profile to our database and provides all available information in a format that’s easy to digest. The result is a profile view of the plant including important facts about the plant and the grower. It’s as easy as identifying a beer or wine with Untappd or Delectable.


In the same way these consumer apps display information on the taste profile of a product, FelixID delivers information on a cannabis plant’s cannabinoid composition and growing procedures. Instead of IBUs or how dry a wine is, FelixID shows which terpenes and compounds are present in any given cannabis plant it’s applied to.


Additionally, the app provides insight into where the plant came from in the event a consumer wants to follow a grower or law enforcement needs to establish a chain of transit.